Technical skills of Temica at the service of safety in the workplace and technological innovations

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Information, education and workers’ training

> Management of corporate training in health and safety in the workplace
> Preventive study phase, aimed to establish the business needs in terms of security
> Identification of learning outcomes
> Specific training programs Planning, identifying the figures to form and skills to be acquired
> Follow-up of the company’s training system
> Management of upgrades and deadlines

Dispensing courses in health and safety in the workplace, under Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the State Regions Conference, with issuing certificate recognized by law and endowed with QR CODE control. All courses will be granted under bilateral training programs validated by operating on a national level institution.

Events technical accredited

Organization of technical training events on technological innovations, with recognition of training on the part of professional credits

> Content Project
Identification of content, speakers and initiation of the process for the recognition of credits

> Communication Project
Study of all aspects related to communication, the project of an effective graphical pubblicizzazioni the web and on local channels of the event

> Identification of the location
Identification of the location with the necessary equipment (plant items, video projection, etc …) and able to create the refined atmosphere.
dell’allestimento study materials provided by the company (photos, diagrams of systems, video projection, etc …).

> Management of all organizational aspects


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