Denso – New access method and meeting/exhibition room at the plant of San Salvo (Ch)

The project for the requalification of the access method to the plant for Engines & Alternators of  Denso Manufacturing Italia S.p.a. foresees two interventions:
1. The access driveway, through the insertion of a “portal” which makes visible the access, characterizes the company image.
2. The access pathway to the plant, through the enlargement of the building for security guards, the realization of a connection tunnel (reception/plant) and the realization of a multimedia exhibition room dedicated to welcome the customers, suppliers and events as well as for the exhibition of the products and the company communication.
 The project creates a proper quality “exhibition system” for physical and multimedia communication for the company products and the company image. The architectural design and the interior design, together with the energy efficiency and the indoor comfort in winter and in summer contribute to create the best result.

Bathhouse > Restyling of meeting spaces, bar and dancing

The restyling of the Bathhouse “LA CIUCCULELLA”, thought as a pleasant place for entertainment, an open space on the promenade, a kind of square, destined to be a bar and a nocturnal dancing area, partially opened on the public path.
Five self-supporting portals which simulate the waves and frame the shell shape of the roof of the bathhouse, that lights up at night with alternating colours and that creates a sort of bright immaterial mass, that encloses the entertainment space and catches the attention both internally and externally.

Former Waldensian Church > Energetic and architectural recovery for a socio-cultural centre

The project of “Architectural and energetic recovery of the former Waldensian Church” in San Giovanni Lipioni (Ch), affirms its contemporaneity with no camouflage, in accordance with the pre-existing original. In the new Socio-cultural Centre is visible the dialogue between the former Waldensian Church dated 1900 and the restitution in a contemporary way of a role which is completely new for historical architecture. The project rethinks the internal spaces, related to its new intended use, by intervening on some elements of the facade and by improving the energetic balance of the building, through targeted interventions on the external casing and the integration with an energy system deriving from renewable sources.

Centre for documentation and dissemination of alternative energies “Elio1” in Cupello (Ch)

The project of the Centre for Documentation, Formation and Dissemination of Alternative Energies is located in the 1 MWP Photovoltaic Station “ELIO 1” in Cupello was published in the  “Renewable Energy Journal” n. 11, November 2011 as an innovative model for the application of the best practices on energy saving and on bioarchitectural criteria and materials.
All the choices for design, plant and materials are targeted to create an architecture which is the most ecological and biocompatible with the man.

Scerni (Ch) > Public area and street furniture

The project consists of a total rethinking of the square of the church of St. Mary of the Street and the landfill in front of it in order to valorise those areas essential for the community as the church, the gardens, the public area and its function of daily meeting point and play space, ideal for feasts, shows, festivals, exhibitions of typical products etc…
The aim is to recompose the fragmentariness by creating new borders or by introducing architectural and functional elements able to give hierarchy and quality to the urban space from the scale of the territory to the details of the furniture.

Eco-living – Vasto (Ch) > Residential complex with high energy efficiency

Residential area integrated with equipped public green, viability and parking in the town of Vasto (Ch).
 The high energy efficiency of the buildings, the total energy balance of the area and the architectural image guided the choice of compositional, of the materials and of the systems. The stairwell in particular was designed in accordance with the bioclimatic criteria, in order to create a natural passive heating system during winter and of ventilation and cooling during summer.


Pantamarket-Altasfera > Architectural qualification of a shopping complex

Design for the architectural qualification of the Wholesale shopping complex “Pantamarket-Altasfera” in Mozzagrogna (Ch).
 The intervention created a new image through the use of the most appropriate materials such as steel, glass, composite aluminium panels and the new systems of facing bricks in sheets and strips laid dry on a metal frame.
The main element to characterize the project is the large cantilevered roof with steel truss beams and glass sheets that runs all along the front side. The portico embellished by facing terracotta cladding has been created to shield the stained glass windows of the offices improving the energy balance of the building. To complete the image it was realized a large totem for company communication with a steel frame and a coating of composite aluminium panels.


Interior design for executive offices > TMC Group – Vasto (Ch)

The site of the executive offices of the T.M.C. Group is realized at the industrial and commercial complex of “Icam Commerciale” in Vasto (Ch). A great attention was directed towards not only to the design of furniture and equipment but also to the choice of materials, to the study of lighting and countertops and to the multimedia facilities of the meeting room. The distribution corridor is enlightened by zenithal daylight that filters through the countertop realized with translucent material.


Multifunctional building in G. Cesare Street – Vasto (Ch)

The project realized in Vasto (Ch) is characterised by the courtyard, in which the game of volumes and the use of materials tend to reduce the impact of the large volumetry allowed when compared to the dimensions of the site. 
The building has its main side on Giulio Cesare Street, characterized and emphasized by the large facing bricks portal, supported by two big round columns and surmounted in the longitudinal direction by the double vaulted roof which recalls in its shape the huge roof of the neighbouring “Post and Telecommunications” building by Architect Paolo Portoghesi.

Global Automation – Vasto (Ch) > New location

TTemica cured the architectural project, the design of the offices and all the activities of civil, structural and plant engineering included the systems for the production of energy from renewable sources. The image is characterized by a photovoltaic cantilever roof on its 4 metres and over on the longitudinal direction that, besides the empowering of the energy production system already foreseen on the single-pitched roof, ensures an effective shielding of the continuous windows from the solar radiation during summer. 
The substantial insulation of the heated areas and the high performance of the installations ensure for this industrial complex energy efficiency higher than the typological standard.

Supermarket in Ceprano (FR)

The project foresees the realization of a commercial retail building on Casilina Street in Ceprano (Fr) for about 1.500 square metres to contain a supermarket with a café and services. The aim of the project is to architecturally qualify the actual typology of the industrial shed, through the insertion of strong elements, such as the large front cantilever roof for protection and shield of the glazed entrance and the perforated baffle that comes out towards the Casilina Street; the two elements identify a resting and relationship area which serves the internal shops. All design decisions are based on the achievement of the widest energy saving, even through the integration with energies from renewable sources and for the reduction to the minimum of the environmental impact.

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