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In a market ruled by communication, it is imperative to make our company known at its best by thinking ahead and designing solutions for new markets. 


Temica is the possible choice for the design of instruments for company communication, with a full service from the layout to the finished product through the use of creativity and of those strategies voted to the achievement of the goals of the company.
Temica with its streamlined structure is able to dialogue with small and large companies.

Design areas

b r a n d i n g • c o r p o r a t e / from the design of corporate logo to the development of the graphic elements on the various supports held by the company, so to create a coordinated image.

a d v e r t i s i n g / Temica edits advertising campaigns by using a strong creative support and a proper distribution to media so to ensure a high target of audience.

p a c k a g i n g / it plays an important role for a product, from the study of graphic up to the choice of the most proper materials in order to satisfy the desired target.

w e b d e s i g n / Temica designs websites by offering a high graphic appeal and a great functionality at the same time, through the integration of web marketing services.

i n f o g r a p h i c s / design of coordinated signs and signage for large areas both public and private, as well as urban design.

p o t o g r a p h y / a creative support malleable for different narrative contexts, where the captured pictures become ever-present stories.


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