We are a team of professionals who integrates the complementary planning in a single structure proposing itself as global partner always on client’s side.
Technological innovation, design and taste for change, allow us to provide an effective and competitive service for:

›› Engineering for mechanical plants and renewable sources
›› Electrical and
›› Civil and structural Engineering
›› Geotechnic and naturalistic Engineering

›› Bio-architecture
›› Interior design
›› Communication
›› Formazione

Sole Manager: Sforzini Roberto



Roberto Sforzini
Architect, Energy manager ENEA
Design for high energy efficiency, for bio-architecture
and for environmental sustainability
Construction Supervision

Riccardo Sparvieri
Civil Engineer, AIFES Partner
Civil and Structural Design,
Responsible of training projects
and Safety on Worksite

Matteo Nicci
Mechanical Engineer
Design for Heating-Ventilation-Air-Renewable
Sources systems, Fluids and gas networks,
Energy Audit

Graziella Cinquina
Designer Architect
Architectural and Interior Design

Fabio Mascio
Graphic Designer
Graphic Design and Strategy

Luca Talucci
Plant Engineer
Design for electrical and electronic
installations in civil and industrial sectors,
production plants from renewable sources,
building automation

Carlo Di Lello
Topography 3D Modelling
and Rendering

Michele Guastadisegni
Civil-Structural Engineer
Design and calculation for large structures, infrastructures and works for soil protection




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